University of Cape Town (UCT) Legacy Projects

The aim of this initiative, deemed a legacy project, is to acknowledge and celebrate the vision, impact and influence of the late Professor Mayosi on the health sciences academic endeavours and students of UCT. As a cardiologist, academic and Dean of the faculty, the principle of academic excellence, aspiration and collaboration in teaching, learning and research in the health sciences were embodied in and actively promoted by Professor Mayosi. 

The UCT Libraries department was approached by Prof Nonhlanhla Khumalo, Professor Mayosi’s wife, to consider how best Professor Mayosi’s awards and accolades may be showcased in a renovated and updated Health Sciences Library (HSL) . After careful consideration and several consultations, it was decided that the most befitting and meaningful way of acknowledging his achievements and principles is to reimagine, repurpose and refurbish identified spaces at UCT for enhanced research collaboration and academic excellence. Hence the idea of the Professor Bongani Mayosi legacy project was born.

The HSL, located within the Health Sciences Faculty, actively provides research support, nurtures academic excellence through embedding in the curriculum, and fosters student learning and engagement in a safe and accessible, albeit dated, library space. UCT Libraries commenced the refurbishment of the HSL in 2018, with the opening of a new UCT funded 60-seater training facility, which transitions into an after-hours study space named iMpilo Junction. This was in response to the demand by students for 24/7 access to connectivity and study spaces. As the Dean of the Faculty at the time, Professor Mayosi approved of this new space as it resonated with his passion for transformed and accessible learning spaces for a changing student population. This project has provided the impetus for future institutional planning. 

We believe this legacy project, which will introduce dynamic and contemporary design and aesthetic elements within an invigorated library space, will have a long-term impact on the aspirations and success of African health sciences students, academics and researchers thereby giving expression and keeping alive Professor Mayosi’s vision and principles. Further, this initiative is particular befitting since the UCT has approved the renaming of this library as the Bongani Mayosi Health Sciences Library.

UCT Legacy Project Objectives

To accomplish the project aim, the following objectives have been identified:

  1. The repurposing of identified spaces, as follows:
  • The Bridge Link – this bridge across Anzio Road is symbolic of Professor Mayosi’s vision of bringing academia and practice together. His physical move from Groote Schuur Hospital (as Head of Medicine) to the Medical School (as the Dean of the Faculty) is testimony to his vision of the interconnectedness of academia and practice for the delivery of excellence in health care and stimulation of innovation in health care.
  • Postgraduate Room – in keeping with Professor Mayosi’s passion for research, the proposed redesign of the Postgraduate Room (L5) into a multi-purpose state-of-the-art engagement space will ensure opportunities for postgraduates and academics to engage in research and research aligned activities. The renovation of this space will include a 2nd entrance into the library, which will create a new direct link into this space via the footbridge from the hospital.
  • Undergraduate Study Room – the next generation of health care researchers and practitioners require spaces that suitably support their learning endeavours. The Undergraduate Study Room (L6) must be refurbished to make it into a more conducive and contemporary space to accommodate different styles of learning including self-reflection to collaborative learning.
  • Central Connection Stairwell – presently a dated and dark stairwell with a large feature window that connects under- and postgraduate rooms. 
  • The Training Room – located on L8, this room requires redesign into a more contemporary and flexible training facility.